Babylon Bye Bye

As the History Channel attempts to convince me every evening through their persistent programming featuring repetitive interpretations of both Nostradamus and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar—we only have a little less than a year left. Now, I’d prefer to think of December 21, 2012 not so much as the end of the world, but, if anything, the end of the world as we know it. However, I admit my optimistic view of the apocalypse has certainly been colored by being so immersed at a young age into the “hypersigil” that is Grant Morrison’s comic book series, The Invisibles.

With all this in mind, I present to you—archiving much of what we have heard thus far, and then some—a mixtape processed and sequenced for your consumption and best utilized for an automobile stroll or on a Sunday afternoon when cleaning house:

Babylon Bye Bye by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

Cover art by Max Ernst “Europe After the Rain II”

Layout and design by Keri Kroboth-Calero

1)    “Story” & (Can I Ride) If I’ve Got My Ticket Lord – Bob Dylan feat. Regina Havis (live in Toronto 4/20/80)

2)     Staggolee – Pacific Gas & Electric (’70)

3)    Stranger In My Own Home Town – Elvis Presley (Demo 7/24/70)

4)    Little Baby – Howlin’ Wolf (5/61)

5)    Babylon Fading – Jim Morrison (3/69)

6)    Gimme Shelter – Cal Tjader (’71)

7)    Mr. Guy Fawkes – The Dave Miller Set (’69)

8)     Compared to What – Sweetwater (’70)

9)    Horrorscope – Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars (’79)

10) Running – Baby Huey and the Babysitters (’70)

11)  Love In The Asylum (excerpt) – Dylan Thomas (’52)

12)  Last Kind Words – Geeshie Wiley (’30)

13)  Railroad Blues – Sam McGee (’34)

14)    Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday – William Bell (’67)

15)  When She Is Gone – Ken Boothe (Cojie Mix) (’73/’07)

16)  The Projectionist – The Cinematic Orchestra (’03)

17)  Village Soul – Lennie Hibbert (Cojie Mix) (’69/’07)

18)  Amen, Brother [break] – G. C.” Coleman (’69)

19)  Bag A Boo (Don’t Brag, Don’t Boast) – Clancy Eccles (’69)

20)    No Sunshine In A Storm – The Sensational Prodigal Sons (’76)

21)  Masked and Anonymous Instrumental Theme – Bob Dylan (’03)

22)    Thank You Oh Lord – Jim Morrison (3/69)

Come and get it!:



If you download it, the playlist is listed under the “Lyrics.”


———————————–Bobby Calero

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