Nirvana (photo by Youri Lenquette, Paris, FR. 02/14/94).


I had a brief, almost instantaneous glimpse of the real way the world worked and of tunnels criss-crossing under the universe and a sense of infinitely deep abysses folding in upon themselves, I felt my glass slip from my hand, though I no longer quite knew what a glass or a hand were, I could see nothing – rather I saw a lattice-work of silvery metallic threads crossing over and under, over and under one another and filling my whole field of vision. I swayed on my feet, but somebody, probably Paul, caught me by the shoulder. Then the centre of the metallic lattice-work started to thin and break apart and I thought that I glimpsed tall black shapes wavering in a submarine cavern. But this soon resolved itself into a large room filled with pictures and people, although I recognized nobody and nothing. Then I recognized some of the people, but I did not know what they were doing in that place. Finally, I came fully to myself. I was facing Paul and Caroline and I felt as though my brain had just been opened and given a good scrubbing with a wire brush before being closed up again.

ROBERT IRWIN: Exquisite Corpse


In Utero


–God, a band all about sonic possibilities; Man, Damn…–

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) [photo by Jesse Frohman, 11/93).

Nirvana (1987–1994) [photo by Jesse Frohman, 11/93].



—————————————-BOBBY CALERO————————-

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