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Welcome to A Mouthful of Pennies!

“I am available for children’s parties.” [Photo by Jonathan Adler]

A Mouthful of Pennies is brought to you by Robert Calero (being me–Bobby). I’m a librarian by trade, a father by nature. Whenever I have a bit of time left in the day I try to slip out a post or two to present some thoughts and sounds on what I feel is some of the greatest music ever recorded.

Besides maintaining this here blog, I am also an avid writer and dedicated poet. Some of my work can be found here:

GLASSCHORD Art & Culture Magazine: http://www.glasschord.com/robert-calero/

Chronogram: http://www.chronogram.com/user/profile/rcalero

Ozone Park Journal: http://ozoneparkjournal.org/Fall_2008.html

BlazeVOX: http://www.blazevox.org/index.php/journal/blazevox-2k8-spring-2008/

Swipe Magazine: Spring 2012: http://swipemagazine.com/

Posting Policy

The works of art posted here are meant to be enjoyed, and I believe they serve an educational purpose. Above all, they’re vittles for the soul.

Most song files are available for only a little while.

Any and all legitimate requests for soundfile removal will be respected immediately. Email b.lacreo@gmail.com to register a concern.

Enjoy yourself!

———————–(BOBBY CALERO)————————- —- – – – —-     —     — —      –

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Would you live like Ralph Bunche?

    HI your writing is amazing. Im doing a little research on Victoria Spivey. We had a mutual friend who passed. Love one hour mama. I only had Ida’s version of it.

    1. Robert Calero Post author

      Wow, thank you for your kind comments. Yeah, Queen Victoria was certainly a one in a million performer. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you again.

  2. Loulou

    I came across your blog by pure chance, I Googled Limonada (looking for a Lebanese music band by that name) and I fell upon your post about Limonada and the music list. Pretty cool 🙂 I like your playlists and you introduced me to some good Latin musicians 🙂 I wish you had a category for the playlists though 🙂

    1. Robert Calero Post author

      Hey thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that you dug the tunes! I’m not sure what you mean by “a category for the playlists” though. If you explain what you mean, perhaps I can accommodate you. If you mean a category that will bring up all the mixtapes I’ve posted they should all be under either “MixTapes” or “A Mouthful of Pennies Presents.” Anyway, I hope you continue to check out my other posts and thanks again!

  3. Ryan Gettig

    Robert,I think your website is top drawer,your taste and temerity in music immaculate!Bumped on last nite 2 chex Hellen Spittal’s fotos of Brian Jones,n JDMorrison’s Paris Journal,Used to hang with Baby Lemonade when I lived in Los Angeles so I had to give Mike Randle a shout and tell him about yer site,Always Be Well,Blair Ryan Gettig

    1. Robert Calero Post author

      Hey thanks so much for the kind words! It truly does mean a lot to me. I hope you continue to dig through these posts and dig what you hear. I plan on putting up a new AZ Mix rather soon. Oh, and thanks for spreading the word!

      All the best to you and yours,


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