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Hello All!

I know, “back so soon?…,” but today’s post is for a good cause! The good ladies of BEAN (Bushwick Eco Action Network) asked me if I could put together an entertaining two hours of music to serve as the background sound for the Fall Mixer they’re throwing this evening: B.E.A.N. STEW!

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Calling All Bushwick Cultivars, Permies, Gardeners, Farmers, Environmental activist, Organizers, Community leaders and the Eco-curious!

Join us for the Bushwick Eco-Action Network’s Fall Mixer.
Sunday, September 29th from 5-7pm, join us in the lovely garden of Fritzl’s Lunch Box at 173 Irving Avenue.

Come meet amazing groups and individuals who are working hard to do a little good in New York City. Permaculture enthusiasts, community farm members, hydroponic specialists, food co-op organizers, recycling leaders, environmental justice advocates and you, coming together for a sweet happy hour. We are all working hard to realize a better world and a better New York City. Let’s get together in a relaxed and joyous environment to share, mingle and have a few laughs!

Fun raffles prizes include discounts at farm-to-table restaurants, bars with local brews, workshops and more! Happy hour with $2.50 beers! RSVP here.

See you there!

173 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237

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(Other than being what a great deal of my wife’s energy goes towards) the Bushwick Eco Action Network (BEAN) provides a forum for ecological observation, exchange, organizing and action.  Inspired by the principles of Permaculture, they seek to create a more balanced urban ecosystem in relationship to Bushwick’s neighborhood growth. — You can learn more about BEAN and see what they’re up to over here….

…Or, you can come on out to Fritzl’s Lunch Box this evening, Sunday, September 29th, to chit-chat and chew-the-fat face-to-face, y’know, the old-fashioned way.

I hope you all can make it out for this fun meeting-of-the-minds, and I hope you all enjoy the tunes I’ve assembled for this 2 volume MixTape for a mixer. I didn’t have too much free time to finely stitch all these together, so there’s certainly some loose threads and a rough patch-job or two, but I’m sure you can dig it! …On a more personal note, I can already hear Autumn creeping in to my taste. Anyway, thanks, and as always–

–Enjoy yourself-

Bean Stew_Vol I




by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

Cover art by Keri Kroboth-Calero (w/ an amateur twerk or two by Bobby Calero)

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Bean Stew_Vol II




by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

Cover art by Keri Kroboth-Calero (w/ an amateur twerk or two by Bobby Calero)

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Bean Stew_Vol I tracklistBean Stew_Vol II tracklist

—————(BOBBY CALERO)—————

o c c u p y g r e e n s p a c e




Hello All,

And the A Mouthful Of Pennies Consortium’s Summer Blow-Out Wholesale Bootleg MixTape Distribution continues! Everything Must Go!

The last MixTape—THE MYTH OF A ROOM—might have been a little too high-falutin’ for some; so, today I present a good ol’ fashion slap-dash quick one for sitting under the afternoon sun with friends and perhaps breaking into a sing-along or two. Sloppy at points and reminding me of a MixTape I might’ve made 10-15 years back (like on an actual tapedeck), this one should be a breeze to roll along to and comes with its own custom-built comedown! …(and another bootleg, grandma with a computer cover art.)

Oh, and don’t forget to checkout some other dope MixTapes posted up in these pages: Longevity Has its Place ; El Ambiente Bien Babes Y Bean de Uruguay: Volume 1Broken Tail-Feathers; The Two Cent Spit; Babylon Bye Bye; and the Nas birthday tribute, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is Like…


—Enjoy yourself!

Sudden Dogs




by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

(another bootleg, grandma with a computer) album cover by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero, w/ the participation of Moose (L.) & Patti (R.))

Loco MosquitoIggy Pop (’80)

You Keep Me Hanging On [snippet] – Vanilla Fudge (’67)

Hateful The Clash (’79)

Rock & Roll/SympathyJane’s Addiction (live at the Roxy Theatre 1/26/’87)

Once Was A Time I Thought The Mamas & the Papas (’66)

LaydownPrince (’10)

The World Has Turned and Left Me HereWeezer (’94)

Police & ThievesThe Clash (’77)

You’re Crazy (Lies version) – Guns N’ Roses (’89)

Mother Mary (Daytrotter Session version) – Far (’10)

Don’t Push (acoustic) – Bradley Nowell (’92)

Don’t Push/54-46 That’s My Number/Ball And ChainSublime (’92)

Still FameDavid Bowie, James Brown, Dr. Dre, & Snoop Dogg (Pastamasta mash)

It Ain’t Hard To Tell Tom’s DinerSuzanne Vega & Nas (Danger Mouse remix) (’03)

Gunz On My Side/2 Glocks2Pac, Busta Rhymes, Bounty Killa, & Wayne Marshall (DJ Vlad/Dirty Harry/DJ Green Lantern remix) (’03)

The Story of Fela (Open & Close)Fela Kuti (J.Period remix) (’09)

I’ve Been to the MountaintopDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (4/3/’68)

Tears Of A Samurai/I Shall Be ReleasedThe RZA/Elvis Presley (’07/’71)

—————(BOBBY CALERO)—————


At the age of fifteen or so, my cousin Paul and I took a trip to Miami to visit my “cool” uncle Raul. Other than learning that my uncle had recently secretly (at least in terms of my cousin and I being the only family members privy to the information at that time) been married to a Russian woman named Yelena that he insisted on calling “Svet,” and the incident where the Mexican day laborer in plaster splattered overalls attempted to give me his cheap, black & white pornographic magazine in a beach-front hotel’s public restroom, the most memorable aspect of this trip was receiving daily from my uncle an assigned cultural education. It was through these “assignments” that I first saw Apocalypse NowFrancis Ford Coppola’s 1979 existential nightmare masterpiece and riff on Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness. I also recall watching the 1988 film Little Nikita starring Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix, concerning Soviet sleeper-agents in San Diego. On another occasion my uncle demonstrated the finer points of shoplifting books. I walked from the store that day with a weathered copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, but to the best of my recollection I in fact paid for it.

Along with these lessons, each morning my uncle would give me three cassettes to listen to on my bulky, black Walkman while my cousin and I lounged on the beach waiting for him to get out of work. My cousin had very recently recuperated from major surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and had spent the past few months in bed whacked out on painkillers and watching reruns of The Cosby Show (at the time you needed only to change the channel once and you could watch numerous episodes in a row) and so he really wasn’t up for much more than lounging on the sand. The beach was located behind the hotel where my uncle was employed at the desk, so we were never really all that far from his supervision.

Of all those albums on cassette my uncle assigned me, three have always remained in my memory: The Who’s first live album, Live at Leeds, recorded February 14th, 1970; The Clash’s outstanding 1979 double-album, London Calling; and the album from which today’s song comes from, Raw Sienna by British blues-rock group Savoy Brown. Raw Sienna, released in 1969, was Savoy Brown’s fifth album and was in fact their third album of that year. It would also be their final album featuring lead vocalist Chris Youlden. Shortly thereafter, guitarist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, and drummer Roger Earl also left the group and went on to form Foghat, which cemented their fame through their 1975 hit single “Slow Ride” (Shahso, 2012).

Featuring some fantastic guitar work within the blues-rock-boogie architecture of the song by founding member Kim Simmonds, and fun brass accents arranged by Terry Noonan, here’s “Needle and Spoon” reminding you that “If you’re married you can divorce your wife/But when married to ‘H’ then you’re married for life.”

——————————————————————————————————(CLICK TO LISTEN)

Like it? Buy it.

———————————————Bobby Calero


Shasho, R. (2012, January 22). EXCLUSIVE: British Blues Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown –CD Review: ‘Voodoo Moon.’ Examiners. Retrieved February 8, 2012 from http://www.examiner.com/classic-rock-music-in-st-petersburg/exclusive-british-blues-kim-simmonds-of-savoy-brown-cd-review-voodoo-moon-review

Youlden, C. (1969). Needle and Spoon. [recorded by Savoy Brown] On Raw Sienna. [CD] Parrot Records. (1969) Bgo. (2005)