Moody at times, carefree and celebratory at others, and always just a bit full of itself; just how I feel this transition in seasons seems to be.

—Enjoy yourself!

Some Indian Summer Swell Farewell


Some Indian Summer Swell Farewell

by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

Cover art by A Mouthful Of Pennies (Bobby Calero)

1) Love Street Jaz Coleman, Nigel Kennedy, Peter Scholes, & the Prague Symphony Orchestra (’00) (Photo by alexasaurus, 2006).

2) Summer’s Almost Gone – The Doors (’68) (photo by Paul Ferrara).

3) Storm In The Summertime – David Porter (’71)

4) World Keeps Turnin’ – Erykah Badu (’03) (art by Sam Havia).

5) Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Voodoo sessions outtake) – D’Angelo (’99)

6) Castle In The Clouds/Zero The Hero And The Witch’s Spell [snippet] – Gong (’73)

7) Wind Chimes/Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow [edit] – Brian Wilson (’04)

8) Lighten UpBeastie Boys (’92)

9) The I Ching ThingGas Mask (’70)

10) Lament/Double Image [snippet] – Miles Davis (’57/’69)

11) King Harvest (Has Surely Come)The Band (’69)

12) Indian Summer The Doors (’69/’70) (photo Bill Harvey, 1966).

13) Route 28/Inside/Spanish Lap DanceplanetJABR (’08)

14) Sun In My MouthBjork (’01)

15) Principe Azul El Kinto (’68)

16) Somewhere Under The Rainbow Black Alice Band (’11)

17) Mi CuevaEl Polen (’73)

18) Black Feather Wishes RiseBrightblack Morning Light (’06) (photo by Theo Rigby).

19) Indian IndianJim Morrison (3/’69)

—————(BOBBY CALERO)—————

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